I have been singing all my life. I’m not a professional – I just love to sing. I started having problems sustaining notes, and noticed I had some sort of vocal fatigue. The ENT doctor diagnosed nodules on my vocal chords.  My options: surgery or play the wait-and-see game, in hopes that the nodules would be re-absorbed. After several months in therapy with a speech pathologist, I thought I was cured – but alas, the problems continued. A friend had been taking vocal lessons at AZMP for quite some time and often suggested I give it a try. I finally gave in, and it has made all the difference in the world. Let me tell you… from someone who loves to sing and would be lost without the ability to do so… music is everything to me, and singing is my soul. Without it, I don’t exist. Thank you Patrick and AZMP for giving me back my life.

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