Patrick is amazing. It’s hard to explain, but he can find the core within you and help you to expand, develop and pursue your musical visions and your dreams, however strong they resound within you.
I’m a bit of an uptight personality, but they – meaning both Patrick and Bonnie – put me at ease very quickly. Their program is innovative, challenging and empowering. Currently there are an amazing variety of services being offered by AMP – not only vocal lessons, but also instruction for guitar and keyboards, if they be your passion.
And as for recording, I can’t offer enough praise to Bonnie. She immediately put me at ease, and recording with her is a pleasure. Even my recording friends remark on her inherent talents.
Basically I’m a guitar player who got fed up with the band crap, meaning drugs, egos, girlfriends, wives – whatever. So I decided to embark as a solo artist and AMP has been instrumental in helping me meet my own artistic goals.

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