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As a working musician, I play cocktail piano at various local venues. I’ve was often asked to sing but was terrified, and didn’t really have any concept about what singing entailed. Working with Patrick, I now feel comfortable and relaxed. Patrick is very supportive and helps you build confidence in yourself. During this process (about 3 months) I gained about 4 notes on my top end and 3-4 on the bottom range of my voice. I definitely came away with more confidence and a voice that’s now wide open. I can’t begin to describe the volume and power increases with DECREASED effort. It is a strange phenomenon and something I would highly recommend. Patrick is a great teacher, mentor and friend.


I was apprehensive about voice training, but Patrick put me at ease immediately. He’s helped me develop my technique and style to make the most of my natural voice. Thank you!


Patrick came into my life when I needed new direction in my training, and didn’t know where to begin… As a vocalist, I’m so thankful I found him when I did. Patrick is my compass. He has encouraged and guided me into opportunities I didn’t even know existed. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, I’m very confident that I am being trained by the best out there. He has done remarkable things with my voice, and continues to help me set goals for my future as a country singer, and that is so important to me. As my instructor, I am amazed at his enthusiasm. It is what I most admire about him. Patrick takes his students under his wing, and puts so much genuine energy into helping them reach their greatest potential. He is like the guardian angel of my singing ambitions. I am so grateful for his dedication – he is a true professional and friend. Thanks for everything Patrick!


I have been to many vocal coaches throughout my life,  to help expand my range and better myself as an artist. I have never excelled as much as I have with Patrick. He has helped me sing with effortless power, which has helped me keep my voice vibrant throughout an entire 12-set gig. He is a caring and definitely patient instructor. He not only helps you improve, but he shares in your excitement, which I have not found in any teacher before. His techniques are awesome and work wonderfully! Thank you Patrick! My voice has become stronger, brighter, and sounds better because of your wisdom and instruction! You’re the best by far!


I have been working with Patrick for several years now and my voice has really improved, and continues to improve the more I work. Not only has my voice improved but I have had a lot of fun working on it. I appreciate the fact that in addition to working on the important fundamentals (breathing, tone, etc) Patrick still lets me work on songs that I am interested in. I am personally a Broadway fan, so we have a fun time working on current Broadway classics. All told I am glad that I came to Patrick as he has created an environment where I can learn to sing while having a great time.
I recently had the opportunity to take part in several recording sessions at the AZ Music Project studio. I must say that I was extremely impressed with both the incredible skill of the audio engineer as well as the quality of the equipment that the studio owns. The recordings went beyond just singing into a microphone, to the point of tweaking the final recording to sound as good as it possibly could. I am certain that I will be doing more recording sessions at the AZ Music Project in the future.


My journey with Patrick and the AZ Music Project began when I was a frustrated karaoke singer. Not only was my understanding of voice and music “muted” at best, but also I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to present myself onstage. Patrick’s coaching and supervision over the last several years helped me discover a voice I never imagined, and to truly enjoy the opportunities to sing. In addition, his encouragement to develop my musical talents, hidden or otherwise, has led me to take guitar lessons. As a result, I have high hopes of playing and singing my favorite songs at my friends’ parties or perhaps more formal venues. Patrick’s professional guidance has greatly improved my “onstage presence” even to the point where my technical presentations for my “real job” have won recognition from my colleagues.  Thank you Patrick.


Patrick is amazing. It’s hard to explain, but he can find the core within you and help you to expand, develop and pursue your musical visions and your dreams, however strong they resound within you.
I’m a bit of an uptight personality, but they – meaning both Patrick and Bonnie – put me at ease very quickly. Their program is innovative, challenging and empowering. Currently there are an amazing variety of services being offered by AMP – not only vocal lessons, but also instruction for guitar and keyboards, if they be your passion.
And as for recording, I can’t offer enough praise to Bonnie. She immediately put me at ease, and recording with her is a pleasure. Even my recording friends remark on her inherent talents.
Basically I’m a guitar player who got fed up with the band crap, meaning drugs, egos, girlfriends, wives – whatever. So I decided to embark as a solo artist and AMP has been instrumental in helping me meet my own artistic goals.


I started off knowing only that I had a gift for singing, but was a stranger to my own gift. Not sure what to do with it and not sure how to use it, I reached out to Patrick.  Beginning with the first lesson, Patrick has helped me to truly find my voice.  Patrick is very knowledgeable in what he does.  He teaches everything under the sun in the world of singing, from how to make your voice sound bigger (technique) to how to deliver a song to an audience (performance). Using all his teachings has brought me close to my voice and getting closer with every lesson. I feel like my gift is now unwrapped, and I’m more confident with what to do with it and how to use it. Thank You, Patrick, for everything.


I have been singing all my life. I’m not a professional – I just love to sing. I started having problems sustaining notes, and noticed I had some sort of vocal fatigue. The ENT doctor diagnosed nodules on my vocal chords.  My options: surgery or play the wait-and-see game, in hopes that the nodules would be re-absorbed. After several months in therapy with a speech pathologist, I thought I was cured – but alas, the problems continued. A friend had been taking vocal lessons at AZMP for quite some time and often suggested I give it a try. I finally gave in, and it has made all the difference in the world. Let me tell you… from someone who loves to sing and would be lost without the ability to do so… music is everything to me, and singing is my soul. Without it, I don’t exist. Thank you Patrick and AZMP for giving me back my life.


I am so fortunate to have connected with Patrick and Bonnie at the AZ Music Project. Not only are they good people they want to help you succeed. That’s hard to come by in this business.
I contacted AZMP in an effort to finish a project that I had been trying to get done for a couple of years. Many people said they would love to be a part of it, but when it came right down to helping get the work done, they were no where to be found, or conveniently not able or willing to help.
If you need some honest and sincere support, whether for the development of your voice, getting your ideas in motion, recording a CD, releasing your first single or producing a promotional product like a DVD Demo, you need to be at AZ Music Project. Thank you Patrick and Bonnie and the AZ Music Project! You made it possible for me to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals.

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