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Patrick has been the most useful measure I could ask for in developing my voice. I’m surprised at the speed and ease in which I was able to significantly improve with Patrick’s guidance. He has a unique style of teaching that has helped me to feel confident in my abilities, and to realize what needs to be improved immediately while providing the skills and exercises necessary to do so, not a year down the line, but within a two or three lessons. People actually listen when I sing now, something that other instructors were simply unable to provide me. It’s only been a few lessons, and already I’m a hundred times more satisfied with my performance. If you are even considering lessons, you should know that this is the only instructor I’ve ever felt didn’t waste my time and money.


The AZ Music Project is the only place to go for great vocal training and an amazing atmosphere. Patrick puts you at ease the minute you step into the studio, and he has a knack for understanding how to teach and reach people. For singers of all skill levels and backgrounds, Patrick has the tools and the know-how to improve your voice, technique, and confidence. The studio is a comfortable environment, with great people who understand music and the process. After the first few weeks of working with Patrick, my vocal skills and confidence went through the roof. I am a true believer in his knowledge and abilities, and you will be too. If you love singing, the AZ Music Project is the place for you


I feel like Patrick has taken my voice to a completely different level. It’s one thing for my friends and band mates to be satisfied, but it really means a lot to finally be comfortable and confident singing in front of people


Wow! I came to you a couple days after having thrashed my voice at a gig.  I finished my lesson with my voice feeling great!!! I sang on the way home and it was amazing how effortless it was. I never want to go back to my old way of singing. Not even the all and powerful (name omitted) could do for me what you did for me in a half an hour! Amazing!  Just thought I’d let you know…


Within a year Patrick has brought our talented vocalist from hobbyist to the professional recording artist level. He has done this through his solid knowledge of voice development and the advanced technologies he employs. On top of all this, he is a patient, honest, nice guy. I highly recommend him.


Being a vocalist is a full time job! Patrick has taught me that there is more to being a vocalist than just singing.  He has shown me that taking care of my voice away from the microphone is just as important as doing daily vocal exercises.  I have come a long ways in the past few months working with Patrick – my band has even taken first place in a local competition! It’s unbelievable how far your voice can take you and Patrick is right there helping me along the way!


Patrick’s method of teaching has been a huge inspiration to me. I have learned and met every goal without limitations. Taking lessons from him is an asset to my singing and song writing. Thanks so much “COACH”! Much love and honor.


I am a composer, music arranger and musician. However, my singing capabilities were far from adequate when I attempted to perform my original compositions.  Within just 3 weeks of beginning lessons, Patrick’s training changed my singing style from what could only be termed as annoying and lacking in any entertainment value to a performance with style, personal expression and audience appeal. The difference in my singing ability from BP (before Patrick) to AP (after Patrick) is like night and day. I now have confidence in my singing voice and I know I can perform my music vocally as well as instrumentally, thanks to Patrick.
Before I engaged Patrick’s services, I researched a number of different singing instructors, and after telephone interviews with each of them, including Patrick, I came to the conclusion that Patrick was the most professional and dedicated instructor, primarily because he showed concern and attention to my personal needs as a student. He didn’t treat me simply as another dollar in his pocket, as did the other instructors I contacted, but was concerned with my needs and his capability to help me achieve my goals.
My singing ability improve dramatically and incredibly through his lessons, and I also came to know Patrick as a wonderful, caring human being as well as one terrific teacher who REALLY KNOWS HIS FIELD OF EXPERTISE!
I plan to stay involved with Patrick as my music career evolves, because I know that his heart is as pure as his singing voice, and his training is ESSENTIAL FOR ANYONE WHO IS SERIOUS ABOUT USING HIS VOICE TO PERFORM, privately or in public.
Thank you, Patrick, for accomplishing what I truly began to think was impossible…TEACHING ME HOW TO SING LIKE A PROFESSIONAL PERFORMER!!!


Before I met Patrick, I had been singing publicly for about 15 years.  I had taken vocal lessons once before from someone who was licensed to teach by (name omitted), and quite frankly, it was useless at the time for whatever reason. So it was with a degree of trepidation that I decided to give improving my voice another shot.
Patrick was the last of three people I contacted, and the first to call me back.  He was the only one who took the time to go to my web site and listen to the music I had posted to get an idea of where I stood, and what I was trying to accomplish. He gave honest, genuine feedback that I thought was also insightful, so we set up an introductory meeting that led to weekly lessons.
He has helped me improve immeasurably, and has given me confidence in an area where I thought I would never be anything more than adequate. I honestly believe I can sing well, and that with the right amount of practice, I will be damn good. That speaks volumes for him as a teacher, but not enough for him as a genuine and enthusiastic friend. There aren’t enough people like him in the world.
Thank you, Patrick.


I was in choirs and school choral groups since I was young; however, I did not begin lessons until high school. Although I progressed quite a bit, I was still lacking the ability to shine in front of an audience.
I started as a vocal student with Patrick and it was one of the BEST decisions I ever could have made!!!  I have not only strengthened my voice and expanded my range, but my confidence also developed.  Just after two “live” performances with AZMP, I am learning to LOVE the crowd, whereas before, I was a real nervous wreck!  Now each time I sing in front of people, I feel vibrant, and surer of myself.  A voice is one thing, but how you make it shine with the whole package is the key!

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