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My times with Patrick were some of the best memories I have working at the AZ Music Project. His ability to change programs for each individual amazed me because it worked every time. His love for music is what makes him such a great vocal coach. Patrick is able to get the very best out of each one of his students. Whenever I get clients looking for vocal coaches, I recommend Patrick, and I plan on having him coach my daughter, my wife, and myself in the near future.


I am a singer, songwriter, and pianist, and perform frequently with my band. I decided to take lessons from Patrick when I noticed that I was losing my high range, and my voice wasn’t as strong or consistent as I wanted it to be. Patrick uses unique technology that gives you visual feedback on the quality of your voice, including elements such as pitch, volume, vibrato, and amount of voice slides between notes. He also uses exercises to help me sing in a healthy, natural voice, avoiding putting stress or strain on my vocal cords. He helped me learn to relax and “just sing,” using an open throat, and to not try so hard or push my voice in my high range. He is also helping me learn how to sing with “effortless power,” rather than “powerful effort.” The result? I am able to sing a wide range of notes without my voice cracking and I sound great! I’ve only been taking lessons from him for a short time, so I still am not at my maximum level, but Patrick’s innovative methods have improved my singing a lot.


Patrick was an excellent coach/trainer for our daughter. His studio and teaching standards were state of the art to say the least. He and his staff were always most professional, and so easy to work with. The experience with his facility was a pleasurable one, not to mention the outstanding results my daughter received while training with Patrick. Thank you Patrick….we will be back.


Patrick is one of the best vocal coaches in the country. I tried several other coaches in the Phoenix area before finding AZ Music Project. I can’t believe the improvement in my voice after less than a year. Patrick is an encourager, as well. When I was on the verge of quitting, Patrick brought me back to earth and somehow made me believe in myself.


AZ Music Project is fantastic. They provide aspiring musicians and singers with professional services they need at affordable prices.


I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Patrick Cunningham and Bonnie Cunningham for making our band’s first recording session an amazing experience. I look forward to working with both of you again and again. You both rock!

Tumbleweed Center

  Tumbleweed wants to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Patrick & Bonnie Cunningham & ALL the AMAZING performers & supporters of AZ Music Project’s OCTOBER SHOWCASE this past Saturday Night! 3 full hours of AMAZING performers & we can’t thank you enough!! They collected donations, guests offered to volunteer & some learned about Tumbleweed/our youth for the FIRST time!! It was a FABULOUS evening & we can’t thank you ALL enough!! **If you WANT performers for an upcoming SHOW —> Contact them, they have a TON OF TALENT at AZ Music Project!


With AZ Music Project, you both have created such a special place for people to explore their musical passions and hone their gifts in a safe, positive, nurturing environment. You both helped me so much this past year, not only musically, but also in the direction my life is now taking. I am forever grateful for you both and for AZMP. I look forward to continued lessons, and supporting AZMP in 2010 and beond. Here’s to a great 2012 and to making a difference with music!    Ali


I studied voice in college and have sung most of the 40 years of my life. I was told I was a great singer and sounded beautiful, but had no stage presence. I just stood there and sang, and never connected with my audience. After a lot of feedback, I decided to take lessons to learn some performance skills. I also wanted to learn how to sing other genres besides classical and hymns. The problem was finding a teacher I could trust my voice with. I knew there were a lot of rotten ones out there. I talked to a few vocal instructors, and I felt a bit intimidated by them. Some I interviewed were critical and put down those that didn’t agree with them. When I first walked into AZ Music Project for my intro session, I knew I had found the right place. Patrick put me at ease right away. He was very interested in my goals and dreams, and asked me what I wanted to work on. He instinctively understood that this was my ministry, and knew exactly what I needed to learn to accomplish my goals. Patrick is a very positive person; he brings out the best in his students, and believes in them. He didn’t try to change me into someone I’m not either. He even found some hidden talents. I’ve always had a wide mezzo-soprano range, but have increased the low end of my voice, and brought some warmth to my sound. I’ve definitely made great strides in my performance skills in only 3 months – I can show you before and after videos as proof! Patrick gives us opportunities to practice our skills before an audience during the monthly “jams” and showcases. Now, not only can I sing my usual classical genre, but also sing country, blues, jazz, and Broadway tunes! I have made some new musical friends, too. Patrick and Bonnie are great musical resources. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made towards my voice and music ministry. If you are looking for a vocal coach or a voice teacher, I can’t recommend AZ Music Project enough! ~ Diana

John P

I got lucky when I chose Patrick as my vocal coach because he is so much more. The lesson begins always with warm-up exercises and rudimentary vocal instruction. But after that Patrick becomes a Performance Coach; you stand in front of a microphone and you work on songs. He helps you with all aspects of your presentation: phrasing, stage presence and logistics. He helps you identify rough spots and provides useful strategies to work through them. He helps you learn to connect with your audience.

The results have been dramatic. When I play at open mics now, people who have seen me in the past ask me what I am doing differently. I’ve always struggled with stage fright; thanks to Patrick’s coaching, I have a new found confidence.

Initially I just wanted to find someone to teach me to sing better; I wound up with someone who helped me become a more complete musician and performer. – John P

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